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Sir Spencer Richmond

Sir Spencer Richmond is one of our oldest contractors and has been working with ZGC right from when the venture started as "Crewe Ventures" in England. Spencer is a Composite/Neo-Alternative Energy  juggernaut and specializes in turnkey contracts and Neo-Solar system building and maintenance.  His expertise in risk monitoring and evaluation as well as risk management, have proved him to be a valuable asset to the company.

Jan O. Higgins

Sir. Jan Olof Higgins is Irish and Norwegian with  an extensive track-record in drilling, piling and maintenance of turbines for both on and offshore facilities. Sir Olof currently boasts over a decade of working experience with "ZGC", with clientele ranging from Shell PLC to Schlumberger worldwide. He specializes in both turn-key and company contracts with an 87% profit maximization guarantee. "If it is Olof, your contract is in safe hands". 

Greta Nordstrøm

Greta Nordstrom first joined our ranks as a bright-eyed apprentice, however, her efficiency and attention to detail makes her an asset to every project she is assigned to. Despite being a woman in a male dominated industry, the success rate in contracts where Greta is involved remains at an outstanding 76%. 

Mr & Mrs A. Schultz

The esteemed Mr and Mrs. Arnold Schultz are our certified CFO's respectively in all of the company financial matters. After working experiences with ExxonMobil, British Gas, Schlumberger, Firestone and a host of others in the field, the duo have claimed their place within the "ZGC" venture.

Diana Schubert

Diana Schubert has been a remarkable addition to the "ZGC" enterprise and has worked her way to the top proving herself as one of the most outstanding renewable energy contractors the company has ever seen since the company's foundation. Due to her leadership qualities, Diana has been able to oversee major contracts for companies  ranging from CSIQ, SPWR, RUN etc. She has recently started to handle turnkey contracts singlehandedly. 


Denise Dixon

Denise is a renewable energy consultant and specializes in turnkey contracts that takes care of  Wind, Thermal, Solar-Hydroelectric power plants and renewable energy systems building (solar farms), Installations and maintenance.


Sandra Jackie 

In the combination of machinery, construction, oil and gas engineering; Ms Jackie is one with an amazing track record. She specializes in making sure your work station is 100% fully operational. Sandra also does turnkey contracts and risk management making her one of the few new generation personnel in the forefront of development in the field and a very valuable asset to the ZGC enterprise.


Sir Henrik Arvo

Sir Henrik specializes in turnkey contracts in Solar panels majorly on oil and gas and steel related companies. He is one of the first foreign contractors with ZGC Project ACRES in 2014. He first joined our ranks as an intern, however, his ideologies, work ethic, efficiency and innovative skills have made him climb the ranks quickly and now heads his own team in recent contracts he has been assigned to. He has an excellent work record.


Vincent Natham

Vincent Natham is one of our foremost solar contractors with impressive experience and record in general management on and off site and with impressive solar station work and turnkey contracting. Natham is also fully involved in installation, maintenance and management of solar panels, turbine, shafts, pipes and valves both old and new improved. His records are impeccable in risk management and he is result driven.

Daniel Klaas

Daniel Klaas is an asset to the ZGC outfit. He is highly experienced in turnkey contracts involving supply and maintenance of solar panels and turbine equipment. He works both locally and internationally and is well recognised in the grand scheme of things within the solar community. 

Smith Thomas

Smith Thomas 

Full of knowledge and never afraid to face any challenges head on; meet Thomas Smith, one of our finest contractors in solar and photovoltaic management. Having gathered a very impressive number of experience before settling and staying with ZGC, Thomas has handled and overseen all the kinds of contracts there are. Your turnkey contracts are in safe hands  with little to zero risks involved. 


Micheal Monaco

Micheal Monaco is one of our most prolific new generation multi purpose contractor. He specializes in orthodox technology and mechanical solar paneling. With high profile on risk management and turnkey contracting, Mr Monaco is a formidable personnel. 


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James Frutchey

James is flamboyant in nature and has long years expertise of carrying out energy surveys, feasibility studies, greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories and carbon footprinting. He is also one of the brightest minds amongst our contractors.  His expertise in team leading, risk monitoring and evaluation as well as risk management have proved him to be an exceptional asset to the company. He has not spent up to 10 years with ZGC but has already created a niche for himself. He is also an advisor on UK green energy policies and carbon reduction recommending renewable and sustainable materials and energy solutions. 

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Eric Underwood

Eric Underwood who has recently joined our ranks over the last decade has built a impressive resume for himself with recorded contracts from both local and international clientele with positive satisfactory remarks. He is of high recommendation to handle your turnkey projects within and outside the States.

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